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Stainless Steel Sampling Device,FS-ACC


Our simple and intuitive sampling devices allow you to aseptically take out your sample for cell density measurement.

The tri-port design ensures your sample is sterile and contamination-free when sampling. For stainless steel ball valve and sanitary valve sampling device, please contact your regional managers for detail information.

  • Easy and simple sampling device
  • Ensure sterility during sampling
Tube capacity 15ml
Construction material 316L stainless steel
Cat. No. Product Description
FS-ACC-001 Triport Sampling Device, 15 ml
FS-ACC-002 Dual Port Sampling Device, 15 ml
Stainless steel ball valve sampling device
FS-ACC-011 For FS-V-B01, FS-V-A01, FS-V-AS5
FS-ACC-012 For FS-V-A03, FS-V-B03, FS-V-D03
FS-ACC-013 For FS-V-D05, FS-V-A05, FS-V-B05
FS-ACC-015 For FS-V-B10, FS-V-A10
FS-ACC-016 For FS-V-D10
FS-ACC-017 For FS-V-B15, FS-V-C053, FS-V-C054
FS-ACC-019 For FS-V-B20
Stainless steel ball valve sampling device
FS-ACC-021 For FS-V-B01, FS-V-A01, FS-V-AS5
FS-ACC-022 For FS-V-A03, FS-V-B03, FS-V-D03
FS-ACC-023 For FS-V-D05, FS-V-A05, FS-V-B05
FS-ACC-025 For FS-V-B10, FS-V-A10
FS-ACC-026 For FS-V-D10
FS-ACC-027 For FS-V-B15, FS-V-C053, FS-V-C054
FS-ACC-029 For FS-V-B20
Stainless steel ball valve sampling device
FS-ACC-031 For FS-V-B01, FS-V-A01
FS-ACC-032 For FS-V-A03, FS-V-B03, FS-V-D03
FS-ACC-033 For FS-V-D05, FS-V-A05, FS-V-B05
FS-ACC-035 For FS-V-B10, FS-V-A10
FS-ACC-036 For FS-V-D10
FS-ACC-037 For FS-V-B15, FS-V-C053, FS-V-C054
FS-ACC-039 For FS-V-B20


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Stainless Steel Sampling Device,FS-ACC

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