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BluView Transilluminator, MBE-200A


The blue light transilluminator separates its 580nm amber lid from the body and makes the illuminator thinner and more lightweight. Like the last generation of BluView Transilluminator, it is packed with safe 470nm blue LED light. With an imaging size of 153x153mm, you could fit any small midi size gel on top of the transilluminator. The BluView Transilluminator is also compatible with Digimage System and Smartview Simple System to use as a blue light imaging system.

BluView Transilluminator MBE-200A

  • Thinner and more lightweight body
  • Easy to carry in between labs
  • Aluminum alloy casing design
  • Low heat dispersion
  • Energy-saving product
  • 470nm harmless blue light for direct human contact
Cat. No. MBE-200A
Dimension (WxLxH) Approx. 7.9"x7.9"x0.6" (200x200x13.9mm)
Viewing Area (WxL) 6"x6" (153x153mm)
Blue Light Source 15W
Illuminator Base Design Flat Bed
Blue Light Wavelength 470nm
Automatic Shutdown Approx. 6 min
Material Aluminum Alloy
Power DC 12V, 2A
Weight Approx. 1.68lb (760g)
Cat. No. Product Description
MBE-200A Advanced BluView Transilluminator, 470nm, viewing area 153x153 mm, amber filter(MBE-LID-AM580), synthetic paper hood are included
Cat. No. Product Description
MJ-105A Transparent Mini Horizontal Electrophoresis System
MBE-102 Lid with 580nm amber filter and evaporation fan for ME10-7-10
MBE-103 Lid with 580nm amber filter and evaporation fan for ME7-7-10
MBE7-TANK ME7-7-10 Electrophoresis tank only, without Lid and Red / Black Cable
MBE10-TANK ME10-7-10 Electrophoresis tank only, without Lid and Red / Black Cable
MBE-150-CABLE Threaded Black and Red Electrophoresis Cable
MJ-LID-AM580 580nm amber filter lid with fan, suitable for MJ-105A
MBE-LID-AM580 An inclined 580nm amber filter, suitable for MBE-200A and MBE-300
MBE-HOOD Synthetic paper hood




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BluView Transilluminator, MBE-200A

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